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Testing Center of Excellence


1. Testing Center of Excellence Improves the quality and testing capabilities of mid to large size organisations. TCoE and shared service organizations facilitate cost savings, process standardization, resource sharing and governance. 

2. A Testing center of excellence for software testing is a centralized unit comprising testing processes, people, tools that operate as shared services in order to provide testing services with optimal benefits and ensures high business process quality and reduces risk to the organization. 

3. To ensure the reliability, ability and stability of applications, we focus on quality assurance. To achieve this we have a dedicated quality team. Our assets (people, process and technology) tired together to realize the vision of centralized quality organization. 

4. Our TCoE lets you to manage all your resources more efficiently to ensure quality across applications and build a working culture that better focus an quality and collaboration.

5. Keyutech testing center not excellence solution is a study framework that enables enterprise to establish strong quality processes. Our testing Center of excellence framework dominance tools, methodologies to deliver zero defect application to our clients.

6. A TCoE is implemented in multiple phases with distinct focus area for each phase.

A TCoE is implemented in multiple phases with distinct focus area for each phase.

Keyutch consistently met and exceeded all the needs of clients. 

. Agile and highly Responsive Testing Services.

2. Design a Vision and implement road map.

3. WE ensure the progress of the implementations.

4. Lowering the need for expensive testing infrastructure(hardware and tools)
Identify the critical business processes to be tested.

5. Improved testplanning,
,governance and reporting.

6.Reduction in total cost of software testing.
Minimize production support costs by ensuring fewer defects leak into production.
Communicate regularly at all organizational levels.


1. Minimize production support costs by ensuring fewer defects into production.

2. Deliver higher customer satisfaction and employee engagement with improved quality of software.

3. Minimize time to market for new functionality.
Achieve a culture of high performance and high job satisfaction.

4. Increased ability to execute new innovation.
Lower stress, increased staff job satisfaction higher retention and greater productivity.