We aim to make cryptocurrency buying and selling as fast and easy as possible for our clients, without compromising safety. Gift cards and Crypto cards are sent as soon as the payment has been finalized.
Create customised single, bulk, crypto gift cards for your personal and business needs. Receipient can redeem the gift card with unique redeem code.         

Manage all your automation results and reports in one place,Receive analytics in real-Time ,Accumulate the results of all auto tests on your project in one place . Aggregate all info about test in one place: test history, logs, attachments.


MyPursu is a rewards based mobile application which will benefit merchant, merchant agents and customers. Merchant can market his store/business with promotions by loading an amount into his wallet. He can promote with offerings and rewards to his customers.


Fully managed end-to-end mobile application testing.
Deliver great web applications, win more users!!


This is how ourservices roll


We give first two weeks of our service free

Verifying quality of different mobile, web and desktop applications!


 Elaborate test plan and test procedures, test cases

Evaluate the scope of work, recommend the testing types that are necessary for the project!


Delivers detailed, informative error reports

Give advices on software testing and quality assurance!


99% of our customers recommend us!

"Excellent tool , it solved my spam email problem and filters out duplicate emails. I faced problem with setup , but they helped me with setting it in my org. Good work folks !!!"

"10 out of 10, highly recommended!"

"Our productivity & sales are up! Couldn't be happier with this product!"


What & who makes us tick!

Keyutech deliver end-to-end Software development, quality assurance and support solutions inside/offshore. Head quarters located in the Silicon Valley.

              Keyutech LLC is a premier full service Development and Quality Assurance, specializing in the development of time-sensitive and innovative SaaS, mobile and on-premises solutions. For our clients software is a critical success factor. To every project, we bring a combination of domain expertise. Our exceptional leaders and engineers work on software applications, web development, mobility solutions, and cloud-based services. Our best practices and progressive work culture has also maneuvered us into R&D of augmented reality. We work closely with our clients to help them successfully build and execute their most critical strategies. 

We undertake the complete responsibility for the testing activities from creating an optimized test plan to post production support. We adopt a user-centric testing approach, delivering continuous value improvement in our engagements.

Keyutech uses detailed reviews of product specifications and related use case documentation to develop extensive and specific test plans and cases. We use automation of individual  API calls and functional call groups across a wide range of technologies.

 Keyutech deliver end-to-end Software development, quality assurance and support solutions inside/offshore. The general purpose of Keyutech is to develop and promote advanced information technologies for multi-user operation.

Keyutech's business philosophy is to assure the highest quality product, total client satisfaction, timely delivery of solutions and the best quality/price ratio found in the industry.

Our emphasis is on offering a high degree of product user friendliness through a positive, creative and focused company staff.


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+1 510 513 9214 

Keyutech PVT Ltd
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